…. So What CAN I do?

dawn-nature-sunset-womanPost Election angst and fear: Forward

In the days after the result for the Presidency of the United States was announced, the level of fear, angst, and stress of many Americans has reached all time highs.  Various identified groups of people, as well as their friends and family are worried that life as we have known it is changing…and not for the better.  There have even been signs of the future made by hateful people seizing what they see as their moment to reshape life in their image.  Worse yet may be the fact the the new President will not be sworn in for a couple of months.  This leaves giant question marks hanging in the wind like ghosts.

Watching all of this play out instructs me as to how much people rely on “Leaders” to take care of the nation’s direction.  When the leaders we lean on do not get elected, fear sets in.  This 2016 is possibly more so because the narrative was that the main Democrat, Hillary Clinton, was destined to arrive to the Presidency this year.  More over, the Republican contender, Donald Trump, was a weak candidate and easy to beat. I will not go into an analysis of why that did not happen here. The fact is, the narrative so many relied on failed, and it has left people feeling adrift and exposed.  That has lead to panic.

Panic is a dangerous animal to house inside one’s body.  It creates stress and complications.  Moreover, it can lead to bad judgments.  Many of the screaming matches over social media have anger, fear, and panic associated with them. This cannot be sustained without massive personal damage to one’s psyche.  Time only moves forward, so now what?

Action is the only antidote to panic and fear.  Action can allow one to find a sense of personal power and strength.  Activism is a way out of the negative cycle, so how is that done.  What does one do? Where does one start?  You start from within. Whether you are a seasoned activist or someone who has never tried to impact the world around you, the time to start is now. (or just after the holidays, right?) Every person doing something can make a difference.

In the year to come, I will launch a new blog site dedicated to idea that there is an activist in all of us. I will give pointers and insights from my own experiences as well as others.  The goal is to help others understand how to create personal positive force in activism while also keep yourself sane, healthy, and able to be a life long activist.

More to come on this next month.  For now, take a deep breath and ask yourself, what do I think I can and or am willing to do to effect positive change? (I don’t care how big or small it is)

“Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past – let us accept our own responsibility for the future”. – President John F. Kennedy

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Texas A&M delivers powerful GeoServices to all


In searching for a reliable batch geocoding service that takes more than a couple hundred items at a time, I stumbled upon TAMU GeoServices.  It is housed at the University of Texas A & M.  Batch geocoding of up to 2500 items is available for free. This far surpasses many other popular options.  To check it out and avail yourself of their powerful engine, go to TAMU GeoServices

What color and size is your chessboard?


It has come to my attention that many times, people attempt to deliver campaign strategy and consult in a “One Size Fits All” manner.  Usually relying on a past victory or two, the attempt is made to carbon copy such a result.  Alternatively, some give advice that amounts to General U.S. Grant’s offensive in the late US Civil War. (Build up 5 to 1 odds and charge!)

The fact is nearly no campaign is the same as the next.  Political campaigns have too many variables to take into account to create a “One Size Fits All” campaign, and few consultants get the luxury of a campaign with near limitless funding.

As a result, the smart consultant looks not only the specific campaign at hand and the specific opponents, but the nature of the political state in the surrounding area, the statewide trends, and the macro national trends. All of these things color the “chessboard” upon which your clients will move.

Without determining the size and color of your chessboard, you may find terrible inefficiencies creeping into the structure of your campaign.