2017 Round One Albuquerque Mayoral Election Results



Texas A&M delivers powerful GeoServices to all


In searching for a reliable batch geocoding service that takes more than a couple hundred items at a time, I stumbled upon TAMU GeoServices.  It is housed at the University of Texas A & M.  Batch geocoding of up to 2500 items is available for free. This far surpasses many other popular options.  To check it out and avail yourself of their powerful engine, go to TAMU GeoServices

How GIS and Political Understanding Work Hand-In-Hand

Here is a link to great practical article on how GIS and voter analysis go hand in hand.

Do you do analysis on a regular basis before launching a new project?

How GIS is Helpful in Analyzing Voting Patterns

Mapping Services Available

SC Consulting is available to convert collected data from your organization and create visual output.  It is well known that visual output communicates more effectively than words alone.  Contact us today to find out how you can create more effective commuication with visual mapping.  Geodatabase creation and supply available to those with GIS software as well.