What color and size is your chessboard?


It has come to my attention that many times, people attempt to deliver campaign strategy and consult in a “One Size Fits All” manner.  Usually relying on a past victory or two, the attempt is made to carbon copy such a result.  Alternatively, some give advice that amounts to General U.S. Grant’s offensive in the late US Civil War. (Build up 5 to 1 odds and charge!)

The fact is nearly no campaign is the same as the next.  Political campaigns have too many variables to take into account to create a “One Size Fits All” campaign, and few consultants get the luxury of a campaign with near limitless funding.

As a result, the smart consultant looks not only the specific campaign at hand and the specific opponents, but the nature of the political state in the surrounding area, the statewide trends, and the macro national trends. All of these things color the “chessboard” upon which your clients will move.

Without determining the size and color of your chessboard, you may find terrible inefficiencies creeping into the structure of your campaign.


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